A Partnership in Caring Volunteers Visit Health Centre in Kabuga

An update from A Partnership In Caring (APIC) volunteer Maria van Vonderen in Rwanda:

This is the health centre in Kabuga. It is owned and run by the Benebikiri Sisters. It is very wellrun but scarce in resources.

We donated medical supplies as well as children’s Tylenol and Advil

They deliver about 130 babies each month. Their 2 birthing beds are in very bad shape, they are both crowded into one room , separated only by a curtain. APIC will purchase a new birthing bed for the clinic. There were approximately 12 women in post-partum care. The average length of stay is 24 hours. All mothers and babies were doing well.

The clinic offers HIV care and counselling services to clients and they offer a HIV program to mothers and their children up to age 2.

They have a pharmacy, lab services, a dental hygienist, they do medical assessments and keep clients up to 24 hours for observation. If ongoing medical support is required, the client is transferred to a local hospital.