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Benebikira Sisters Celebrate Upgrades at Kabuga with A Partnership in Caring Society Volunteers

Today A Partnership in Caring Society volunteers Maria van Vonderen and Carolyn Rideout visited the home in Kabuga where the senior Benebikera Sisters live.
The Sisters appreciated the supplies ( Tylenol for arthritis, voltaren and bed soakers) that the volunteers delivered.
APICS partnered with the Wishing Wells Society and a water collection cistern has been added to the property.
The Sisters ( 28 Sisters and 4 workers) live in a very small home. The kitchen is outside and at the back of the property. They mostly cook with wood.
A new fence has been added to the property increasing the security of the Sisters.
The Sisters were very happy to celebrate with Carolyn and Maria today.


Security and Water Systems Added at Kabuga Facility

Thanks to A Partnership in Caring Society the sisters at Kabuga now have security because of the new fence built around their property. Two water collection cisterns were added and the house has been renovated. Last year when we visited the roof was leaking and water was entering the home. a new roof , ceilings and gutter system were installed.
The Sisters are very grateful and today we celebrated in song and prayer.


A Partnership in Caring Society Volunteers Visit Repaired Facility in Kabuga

A joyful visit today to Kabuga where A Partnership in Caring Society volunteers, Maria van Vonderen and Carolyn Rideout met with the 6 sisters who live in the house that has recently been repaired thanks to the generosity of a very kind donor. 

The roof and ceiling have been repaired and a fence has been built around the entire property, that includes the home where the senior Sisters live. 

We celebrated with song and prayer. The Sisters are so grateful for the Support of A Partnership in Caring Society.


Fabrice Receives an Assessment

Fabrice as he attends his Ears, Nose , Throat assessment today.
When we first met Fabrice 3 years ago he was unable to walk. He is now 5 years old . With support from APICS he attended rehab and now runs along with his brothers and friends.
His language skills are improving.
He loves trucks and motorcycles. He attends school and receives individual teaching each afternoon.
He is a very social young boy. MAria from APICS has developed a close bond to this very special young boy.
He has an appointment with a paediatrician next week.


Update on Fabrice

Fabrice, age 5 seen here as he attends an Ears, Nose and Throat appointment accompanied by A Partnership in Caring volunteer Maria van Vonderen.
There was a German ENT group who assessed him today. They will continue to follow him. APICS has supported Fabrice since 2016.
Over the past year there have been improvements, FABRICE now attends school each day ( mornings) then individual teaching each afternoon. He is more social and engaging, he has made physical gains but remains far behind in weight gain. We hope his paediatric appointment next week can provide more insight into his challenges. He lives with his mother and 2 brothers. His mother is very poor, she works in the fields with her youngest son on her back.


Living Conditons at the ADAR Orphanage

The cookhouse at ADAR orphanage. APICS volunteers visited the orphanage today. Residents are provided 2 meals per day. All meals are prepared on site in this cookhouse. The room is dark and smoky from the wood burning units.

Living conditions at ADAR orphanage in RANGO, Rwanda. APICS provides financial support to the orphanage. 30 orphans ranging in age from 7 to 60 years old live at ADAR.


Update on Gerard at ADAR Orphanage

A Partnership In Caring volunteers first met Gerard at the ADAR orphanage 8 years ago. When he first arrived at ADAR he was unable to sit up or eat using utensils. He is non verbal. He now sits up , drinks from a cup and he can move his body wherever he needs to go. He often joins the group when they are dancing.
APICS purchased a wheelchair for Gerard 3 years ago. Today he greeted Maria from APICS with a handshake.