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A Partnership in Caring Volunteers visit Eric and Fabrice

A Partnership in Caring volunteers visited with Eric and Fabrice in Gatagara, Rwanda today. Eric is in P2 (second grade) and Fabrice in P1. Eric is very bright, can eat and write with his feet (born without arms). Fabrice’s speech is limited, but improving, and he is learning independent living skills. They seem very happy there and can stay until they finish their schooling. We also support Fabrice‚Äôs family consisting of 3 siblings, one older and two younger.

Please consider donating to APIC at apic.rwanda@gmail.com.

A Partnership In Caring Volunteers in Rwanda

A Partnership in Caring volunteers are currently in Rwanda.

There continues to be much needed support for health care supplies such as beds, wheelchairs, etc. APIC has recently purchased two hospital beds, five wheelchairs and two privacy screens.

Fabrice’s mother and three siblings live in extreme poverty. Financial donations to support this family are greatly appreciated.

Donations in support for Fabrice’s family can be sent via e-transfer to apic.rwanda@gmail.com. Please send your security question/answer for e-transfers to mvanvonderen@yahoo.com. Contributions can also be sent by mail to A Partnership in Caring, c/o Dr. Carolyn Rideout, PO Box 1652, Station Main, Antigonish, NS B2G 2L8. Thank you for your ongoing support.

To learn more about our projects, visit www.apartnershipincaring.ca.