Below you can see listed all of the Breeders registered with the Purebred Sheep Breeders Association of Nova Scotia who breed ADAR.

A Partnership in Caring Volunteers to Return to Rwanda

Happy New Year! A Partnership in Caring volunteers are returning to Rwanda. APIC continues to support projects in Rwanda, and your donations are greatly appreciated. We continue to support Fabrice and Eric in addressing their specific needs. Both have made great improvements.

Support to ADAR, a program for persons with disabilities, continues with a focus on medical needs.

Another area of focus for APIC is rural health centres and education for vulnerable students.

To donate, e-transfer to Please send your security question/answer for e-transfers to Contributions can also be sent by mail to A Partnership in Caring, c/o Dr. Carolyn Rideout, PO Box 1652, Station Main, Antigonish, NS B2G 2L8. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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ADAR Orphanage undergoes significant improvements

A favourite stop for our volunteers while in Rwanda is the ADAR Orphanage. A Partnership in Caring has supported several projects at the orphanage including purchasing medicines.

The orphanage has undergone a number of improvements over the past year. The first 2 pictures highlight the cistern and gardens (which will improve food security ) and the modern clean shower room with warm water improving access and personal hygiene .
The last picture is the old shower room. Imagine the difference for the residents and their helpers. The money for the cistern and shower room came from a generous donation from the Honor Yoga North Brunswick, New Jersey owners and clientele.

A Partnership in Caring Society pay Several Visits to ADAR Orphanage

Maria and Carolyn were able to undertake several great visits to ADAR this year. Time spent there is definitely one of the highlights of the trip to Rwanda. They were able to see the implementation of a successful water project by Mike and Sue of Honor Yoga, North Brunswick, NJ. In addition, thanks to the generosity of our many donors, some significant refurbishment of the buildings will take place. ADAR relies almost entirely on support from donors.

Upgrade Project Underway at ADAR Orphanage

Maria and Carolyn were able to witness a very successful project get underway at ADAR. As many of you know, this is a residence for physically and otherwise disabled children and adults in Butare, Rwanda. The center was originated and is run on a purely volunteer basis by Josepha, her son Yves and a volunteer board. We call Josepha the ‘ Jean Vanier’ of Rwanda.
Thanks to the generosity of Michael Favale, his wife Susan, and Honor Yoga of North Brunswick, NJ, we were able to set up a new water collection cistern and add 2 water heaters so the residents wouldn’t have to have cold showers. There was also some residual funding for some refurbishment of the very dreary washroom. Heartfelt thanks to Mike, Sue and Honor Yoga. To support our ongoing projects in Rwanda visit our website,


Living Conditons at the ADAR Orphanage

The cookhouse at ADAR orphanage. APICS volunteers visited the orphanage today. Residents are provided 2 meals per day. All meals are prepared on site in this cookhouse. The room is dark and smoky from the wood burning units.

Living conditions at ADAR orphanage in RANGO, Rwanda. APICS provides financial support to the orphanage. 30 orphans ranging in age from 7 to 60 years old live at ADAR.


Update on Gerard at ADAR Orphanage

A Partnership In Caring volunteers first met Gerard at the ADAR orphanage 8 years ago. When he first arrived at ADAR he was unable to sit up or eat using utensils. He is non verbal. He now sits up , drinks from a cup and he can move his body wherever he needs to go. He often joins the group when they are dancing.
APICS purchased a wheelchair for Gerard 3 years ago. Today he greeted Maria from APICS with a handshake.