Benebikira Sisters
Below you can see listed all of the Breeders registered with the Purebred Sheep Breeders Association of Nova Scotia who breed Benebikira Sisters.

A Partnership in Caring purchases Birthing Bed for Health Centre, Commode for Retired Sisters

A Partnership in Caring  volunteers purchased a much needed birthing bed for the Kabuga health Center.  The old birthing bed is in very bad shape.  The Kabuga Health Center is one of the centres that is owned and run by the Benebikiri Sisters.

Also purchased a commode for use at the Abadacogora House, the residence for retired Sisters in Kabuga


A Partnership in Caring Volunteers Visit Saint Bernadette School

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring (APIC) volunteer Maria van Vonderen. Today Maria and fellow APIC volunteer Carolyn Rideout visited SAVE, one of the first Catholic missions in Rwanda. It is also home to the Mother House of the Benebikira Sisters. It is just few kilometres north of Butare in southern Rwanda:

Visited the Saint Bernadette School in SAVE.

It is the oldest school in the country with over 800 students.

Met with 11 students who receive funding to attend school.

They were very engaging and curious about life in Canada.

To learn more about Saint Bernadette School, follow this link to their web site:

A Partnership in Caring Volunteers Visit Health Centre in Kabuga

An update from A Partnership In Caring (APIC) volunteer Maria van Vonderen in Rwanda:

This is the health centre in Kabuga. It is owned and run by the Benebikiri Sisters. It is very wellrun but scarce in resources.

We donated medical supplies as well as children’s Tylenol and Advil

They deliver about 130 babies each month. Their 2 birthing beds are in very bad shape, they are both crowded into one room , separated only by a curtain. APIC will purchase a new birthing bed for the clinic. There were approximately 12 women in post-partum care. The average length of stay is 24 hours. All mothers and babies were doing well.

The clinic offers HIV care and counselling services to clients and they offer a HIV program to mothers and their children up to age 2.

They have a pharmacy, lab services, a dental hygienist, they do medical assessments and keep clients up to 24 hours for observation. If ongoing medical support is required, the client is transferred to a local hospital.

Medical Supplies Delivered to the Benebirkira Sisters

In Kabuga, Rwanda today, our volunteers with A Partnership in Caring delivered medical supplies donated by our supporters to the Benebikira Sisters.

The Benebikira Sisters are a Roman Catholic diocesan community living and working in many countries in Africa, including Rwanda. They are key partners for our volunteers in Rwanda, and administer schools, homes for orphaned children, and district health centers.

A Partnership in Caring collaborates with Wishing Well Society to Install New Cisterns in Rwanda

A Partnership in Caring, working with the Wishing Well Society installed 12 new cisterns in

Three Cisterns being delivered

Rwanda earlier this year. The total cost of the project is 13.3 million Rwandan Francs or about $18,000 Canadian. The project is the result of many generous donors. Our partners in Rwanda, the Benebikira Sisters say the installation of the water collection tanks has had a much greater impact than originally expected because of the Corona virus.

The tanks have been placed in several locations in southern Rwanda, including the Benebikira Sisters’ Save Convent, which covers not only the needs of the Sisters, but the health centre, the local community, and a student dormitory. The tanks provide water for increased hand washing, cleaning of the dorms, and maintenance of its cow herd. It has also reduced its water bill with the city as they only water it uses from the municipality is for cooking and drinking.
In total, A Partnership in Caring, in partnership with the Wishing Well Society has installed 48 cisterns in Rwanda over the past number of years.
If you would like to support our ongoing work in Rwanda, donations are gratefully accepted via E-Transfer at

A Partnership in Caring Continues to Support the Most Vulnerable in Rwanda during COVID-19

An update on Fabrice whom we have been supporting since we met him a few years ago – a toddler who could only get around on all fours. He is walking, running, and going to school. Once COVID hit he was quarantined at home, rather than being in school and spending time with the Benebikira Sisters. When COVID eased, temporarily, he emerged and was unkempt, hungry, and had regressed in his developmental milestones. . He had lost weight – the Sisters were sending food, but it was uncertain how much he was getting. He and his young brother are now staying with the Sisters and getting the care they need. The young woman pictured with Fabrice is his caretaker.