Below you can see listed all of the Breeders registered with the Purebred Sheep Breeders Association of Nova Scotia who breed Kabuga.

Benebikira Sisters Celebrate Upgrades at Kabuga with A Partnership in Caring Society Volunteers

Today A Partnership in Caring Society volunteers Maria van Vonderen and Carolyn Rideout visited the home in Kabuga where the senior Benebikera Sisters live.
The Sisters appreciated the supplies ( Tylenol for arthritis, voltaren and bed soakers) that the volunteers delivered.
APICS partnered with the Wishing Wells Society and a water collection cistern has been added to the property.
The Sisters ( 28 Sisters and 4 workers) live in a very small home. The kitchen is outside and at the back of the property. They mostly cook with wood.
A new fence has been added to the property increasing the security of the Sisters.
The Sisters were very happy to celebrate with Carolyn and Maria today.


Security and Water Systems Added at Kabuga Facility

Thanks to A Partnership in Caring Society the sisters at Kabuga now have security because of the new fence built around their property. Two water collection cisterns were added and the house has been renovated. Last year when we visited the roof was leaking and water was entering the home. a new roof , ceilings and gutter system were installed.
The Sisters are very grateful and today we celebrated in song and prayer.


A Partnership in Caring Society Volunteers Visit Repaired Facility in Kabuga

A joyful visit today to Kabuga where A Partnership in Caring Society volunteers, Maria van Vonderen and Carolyn Rideout met with the 6 sisters who live in the house that has recently been repaired thanks to the generosity of a very kind donor. 

The roof and ceiling have been repaired and a fence has been built around the entire property, that includes the home where the senior Sisters live. 

We celebrated with song and prayer. The Sisters are so grateful for the Support of A Partnership in Caring Society.


A Partnership in Caring Celebrate a number of Successful Projects

Missions accomplished!
1. Over the past few years A Partnership in Caring has had several infrastructure projects

Completed Repairs at SAVE

finished with the Benebikira sisters at Save and Kabuga, Rwanda. The first was the removal of the asbestos roofs on their convent and chapel at Save. Through the generosity of our donors we were able to amass the funds necessary to remove the asbestos roofs, repair the walls and replace with a new metal roof.

2. This past year, while visiting the residence of the nursing sisters in Kabuga, we realized that the roof of their house was in such disrepair that it was actually dangerous to be living there ( there was

Completed repairs at Kabuga.

rain water coming out of the electrical sockets). Again, our donors stepped up and the roof and walls of the building were repaired. We felt strongly that a safe and healthy house was a must for the nursing sisters dedicated to helping the poor at their nearby health center.
3. Our young boy Fabrice has continued to do well this year. The sisters have kept him with them all day while his mother works for them. Reports are that his mobility continues to improve and he is becoming much more social and animated. Upon our return in  February 2019 we will see that he has a recheck by the pediatrician and ENT specialist who evaluated him last year. Photo of Fabrice.
4. While in Save we met with the students whom we sponsor at the sisters boarding school.


Each of the students gives a short speech in english. After our meeting with the students and our return to our accommodation, we received an email from Sr. Catherine, the headmistress, asking if we could support in full a young man named Jean d’Amour (John of love). He is the youngest of 6 boys and the father of the family is struggling to support the boys by working in the fields. Their mother suffers from a severe psychosis, likely as a result of trauma during the genocide, and is mostly not at home, likely in hospital or on the street. How could we refuse such a request?

None of these things could happen without the generosity and support of our donors. To donate, visit our web site at: www.apartnershipincaring.ca


A Partnership in Caring Society Facilitates Repairs in Living Quarters for Benebikira Sisters

During our most recent trip to Rwanda, our volunteers helped facilitate necessary repairs for a

A part of the damaged roof

residence for the Benebikira Sisters in Kabuga. In Kabuga the Benebikira sisters have a residence for their elderly sisters. They also own and run a health center there and have a house where the 6 sisters who work at the health center live.
The elderly sisters are always delighted to see us, and we them. They ask about Canada, the Martha sisters, and tell us a bit about their lives. They now have physio once a day, which is a real advance for them.

Unfortunately, the sisters who work at the health center were in a crisis situation in their

Completed repairs at Kabuga.

house/living quarters. Their roof was in desperate disrepair, water was coming in, and there were concerns about mold and problems with the electrical wire. Money was not available to replace the roof.

However, through the support of our partners in Canada, the repairs were made. The work is now completed! If you would like to support our ongoing work in Rwanda, donations can be made through our web site, www.apartnershipincaring.ca

A Partnership in Caring visit Kabuga, a senior sisters residence

We received this update from from A Partnership in Caring volunteer Carolyn Rideout in Rwanda:

Every year here in Rwanda we plan a visit to Kabuga, the residence for senior sisters who are in some way infirm and require nursing care and assistance. It’s always a very uplifting experience.
The sisters remember us each year and are so happy to renew our acquaintance. One sister reminds me every year that her mother’s name was Carolyn.

With staff at Kabuga

With staff at Kabuga

This year Lynn decided to acquire some exercise balls to encourage sisters and staff to exercise the upper body by throwing and catching the balls. It was lots of fun and some of the sisters really got into the game. Lots of laughs from everyone. I decided to bring the sisters a jigsaw puzzle, a totally foreign concept. The sisters were quite interested to hear that some of the sisters of St. Martha enjoy jigsaws in their spare time. These puzzles are good for visual and spatial exercise.

Exercise time at Kabuga

Exercise time at Kabuga

In past years the Marthas have generously contributed wheelchairs and walkers to the sisters at Kabuga. I bring each year Tylenol for Arthritis for the sisters, some of which is generously donated by Lawton’s and Haliburton’s pharmacies in Antigonish. It’s always a long day, about a 4 hour trip, including picking up and dropping off sisters on the way. One of the sisters, Sr. Athanase, took the opportunity to visit a young married woman who had just had her first child, a beautiful girl, one month old. The mother had been adopted by a sister who was the midwife who caught her at birth, shortly after which her mother died. The sisters raised her, educated her, and were celebrating her first child with her, a beautiful outcome to a tragic beginning.

Senior Sisters Residence at Kabuga

Senior Sisters Residence at Kabuga

Another side trip on the Kabuga jaunt was a stop in Kigali, the capital city, to acquire a piece of equipment called a doppler for the health center at SAVE. On our visit there on Thursday there was a young woman patient, 5 months pregnant, a victim of spousal abuse. It was impossible to tell whether or not there was a fetal heart rate audible. The old piece of equipment they were using to try to hear the fetal heart was right out of the middle ages and was simply useless.

There is truly never a dull moment in Rwanda!