An Update on Fabrice

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring volunteer Carolyn Rideout in Rwanda on Fabrice, a young boy we initially met last year:

Maria and I spent the day yesterday (Monday) at CHUB hospital, first to have our boy seen by a pediatrician, then to audiology to see Dr. Alice, an ENT specialist.
We were impressed with the thoroughness of both, particularly Dr. Alice. However, it did take all day to get through the system. Photocopying is a big part, and the patient has to see to that, then bill payment before the next step. A referral to another hospital had to be signed by an administrator, so that took a while.
Fabrice will eventually be seen at a distant military hospital for pediatric audiology ( hearing test). He is a remarkably patient young lad, even during examinations.
We are setting up a special stimulation room for him and plan to engage a teacher. It will be very interesting to see his progress this coming year. Last year he learned to walk and run. Who knows, maybe next year he’ll be reading! Talking at least, we hope.