A Partnership in Caring Celebrate a number of Successful Projects

Missions accomplished!
1. Over the past few years A Partnership in Caring has had several infrastructure projects

Completed Repairs at SAVE

finished with the Benebikira sisters at Save and Kabuga, Rwanda. The first was the removal of the asbestos roofs on their convent and chapel at Save. Through the generosity of our donors we were able to amass the funds necessary to remove the asbestos roofs, repair the walls and replace with a new metal roof.

2. This past year, while visiting the residence of the nursing sisters in Kabuga, we realized that the roof of their house was in such disrepair that it was actually dangerous to be living there ( there was

Completed repairs at Kabuga.

rain water coming out of the electrical sockets). Again, our donors stepped up and the roof and walls of the building were repaired. We felt strongly that a safe and healthy house was a must for the nursing sisters dedicated to helping the poor at their nearby health center.
3. Our young boy Fabrice has continued to do well this year. The sisters have kept him with them all day while his mother works for them. Reports are that his mobility continues to improve and he is becoming much more social and animated. Upon our return in  February 2019 we will see that he has a recheck by the pediatrician and ENT specialist who evaluated him last year. Photo of Fabrice.
4. While in Save we met with the students whom we sponsor at the sisters boarding school.


Each of the students gives a short speech in english. After our meeting with the students and our return to our accommodation, we received an email from Sr. Catherine, the headmistress, asking if we could support in full a young man named Jean d’Amour (John of love). He is the youngest of 6 boys and the father of the family is struggling to support the boys by working in the fields. Their mother suffers from a severe psychosis, likely as a result of trauma during the genocide, and is mostly not at home, likely in hospital or on the street. How could we refuse such a request?

None of these things could happen without the generosity and support of our donors. To donate, visit our web site at: www.apartnershipincaring.ca