A Partnership in Caring Society Supports A Young Boy in Rwanda

A Partnership in Caring Society has worked with a number of groups and individuals in


Rwanda since our volunteers began working in the country in 2011.

One is a young boy, his name is Fabrice. APICS has been helping Fabrice over the past 2 years. Fabrice is a 5 year old boy who lives with his mother and 2 brothers in SAVE, Rwanda. When we first met Fabrice he was 3 years old, he was unable to walk. APICS sent him to a rehabilitation centre where he learned to walk. When volunteers met with him on their most recent visit earlier this year, he was running.
Fabrice is not in school. He spends his days at home with an elderly woman, his older brother is in school, his mother works the gardens at SAVE and takes her 11 month old son to work with her.
Fabrice’s language acquisition skills are severely delayed. He receives very little stimulation. APICS will send him for a full paediatric assessment and hearing test.

We have purchased books, balls, blocks, posters, shoes that fit, scissors, flash cards etc to support him in his learning and development. We

Fabrice and his family

will set up a specific room for him at the convent in SAVE.

Fabrice is such a delightful, mischievous young boy! He learns quickly!
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