A Partnership in Caring volunteers tour Butare University Teaching Hospital

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring volunteer Lynn MacDonald in Rwanda:

Carolyn Rideout and I toured Butare University Teaching Hospital yesterday morning, and we were pleased to see the pipes being laid for running water. To have running water in the hospital is a huge step forward for sanitation and infection control. Also patients who require it are being fed two meals per day, they still have families camped outside providing food for their loved ones, but it sounds like within the next year the hospital will be able to provide meals to all patients. We feel APIC has a small part to play in this provision, as we have promoted nutrition as being such an important measure over the years.

Running water being installed at Butare University Teaching Hospital

Running water being installed at Butare University Teaching Hospital

So many new improvements have slowly come to this hospital. They have a long way to go, but we feel they now have adequate supports. APIC may now direct our efforts to smaller grass roots projects that make a more direct impact on the welfare of Rwandans.

Palliative care is still a challenge at the hospital and we have made it known that we are willing to provide ongoing support in that field should it be requested. A note of thanks to Nasson Gafirimbi, Director of Nursing at the hospital, and Dr. Jules Ndoli, Medical Director at the hospital for their friendship and support over the years.