A Partnership in Caring works with Benebikira Sisters to assist a family in Rwanda

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring volunteer Carolyn Rideout in Rwanda:

This is a boy we saw here last year at the SAVE Health Centre. He was 3 years old at the time, was not walking and was in other ways quite delayed as well. We left some financing for him to be seen at a rehab centre a ways from here. The mother and child spent some time there and he has made some gains in terms of his mobility. He still does not walk upright, but uses his hands mostly to walk. The father is no longer at home, the mother is pregnant and there is a 6 year old at home. The 6 year old has not started school as they had no money for uniforms and supplies.

The plan is this: the 4 year old needs to go back to rehab, and they will take him pending financing. He really needs to have a walker to encourage him to use his legs, which are quite under developed. The Sisters have asked the mother to bring the 6 year old here Monday morning and they will outfit him with uniform and supplies. Likely he will come here to eat as well. We will make a budget with Sr. Augusta for the coming year.



Another twist to the story is that mother is 7 months pregnant. After the baby she will have access to birth control at the local clinic. She has no extended family here as she is from Congo. She seems to be a good mother and quite attentive to her little boy.

You might ask ‘why this family?’ People just cross your path in Rwanda and they become part of you. This boy will definitely have a better future if he is able to walk.


(A video of the boy can be found by clicking on this link: IMG_2783)