An Update with Fabrice, A Boy Our Volunteers Met Last year

A visit today from a young boy, Fabrice, who is 5 years old.
Last year (2017) he could not walk, getting around on all fours. A Partnership in Caring was able to sponsor him to a Rehab centre, and this year he can not only walk, he can run.
Fabrice’s mother works here with the sisters, in the garden, and she brings the 11 month old with her, and the older boy, Ivan, is in school.
Fabrice spends his day with an older woman who, unfortunately, provides no stimulation. We plan to send him for a pediatric assessment, as he is not growing as hoped. He may not be hearing very well either. We are hoping that he may be the first child in a daycare Sr. Augusta hopes to start.
With consistent stimulation and good nutrition we are confident he can make more gains. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who might wish to sponsor Fabrice. If you like to sponsor contact A Partnership in Caring Society at