Residence for Benebikira Sisters in Kabuga in Need of Repair

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring volunteer in Rwanda, Carolyn Rideout:

We visited Kabuga yesterday where the Benebikira sisters have a residence for their elderly sisters. They also own and run a health center there and have a house where the 6 sisters who work at the health center live.
The elderly sisters are always delighted to see us, and we them. They ask about Canada, the Martha sisters, and tell us a bit about their lives. They now have physio once a day, which is a real advance for them.
Unfortunately, the sisters who work at the health center are in what I call a crisis situation in their house/living quarters. Their roof is in desperate disrepair, water is coming in, and there are concerns about mold and problems with the electrical wire. I have suggested they need to move out of the house, but the only option would be to double up with the senior sisters at their residence. Also, if they leave the house it is liable to be taken over by someone else, burglarized or vandalized. They are truly between a rock and a hard place, as the money is not available right now to replace the roof.