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A Partnership in Caring Volunteers Visit Saint Bernadette School

We received this update from A Partnership in Caring (APIC) volunteer Maria van Vonderen. Today Maria and fellow APIC volunteer Carolyn Rideout visited SAVE, one of the first Catholic missions in Rwanda. It is also home to the Mother House of the Benebikira Sisters. It is just few kilometres north of Butare in southern Rwanda:

Visited the Saint Bernadette School in SAVE.

It is the oldest school in the country with over 800 students.

Met with 11 students who receive funding to attend school.

They were very engaging and curious about life in Canada.

To learn more about Saint Bernadette School, follow this link to their web site: https://gssbsave.org/

A Partnership in Caring collaborates with Wishing Well Society to Install New Cisterns in Rwanda

A Partnership in Caring, working with the Wishing Well Society installed 12 new cisterns in

Three Cisterns being delivered

Rwanda earlier this year. The total cost of the project is 13.3 million Rwandan Francs or about $18,000 Canadian. The project is the result of many generous donors. Our partners in Rwanda, the Benebikira Sisters say the installation of the water collection tanks has had a much greater impact than originally expected because of the Corona virus.

The tanks have been placed in several locations in southern Rwanda, including the Benebikira Sisters’ Save Convent, which covers not only the needs of the Sisters, but the health centre, the local community, and a student dormitory. The tanks provide water for increased hand washing, cleaning of the dorms, and maintenance of its cow herd. It has also reduced its water bill with the city as they only water it uses from the municipality is for cooking and drinking.
In total, A Partnership in Caring, in partnership with the Wishing Well Society has installed 48 cisterns in Rwanda over the past number of years.
If you would like to support our ongoing work in Rwanda, donations are gratefully accepted via E-Transfer at apic.rwanda@gmail.com.

A Partnership in Caring Society collaborates With Wishing Wells Society on Cistern Project in Rwanda

Carolyn Rideout and Maria van Vonderen, A Partnership in Caring volunteers spent time viewing some of the 12 cisterns supplied through a partnership with The Wishing Wells Society of St. Andrews, Nova Scotia.
This water collection system provides much needed water for gardening, livestock, cleaning, household use etc. to a number of different communities in Rwanda.

To support our projects in Rwanda visit our website at : https://www.apartnershipincaring.ca


A Partnership in Caring Society Facilitates Purchase and Installation of Water Collection Cisterns

In collaboration with the Wishing Wells Society in St. Andrews, A Partnership in Caring Society was able to facilitate with the the purchase of 12 water collection cisterns including delivery and installation. The two organizations have worked together on several cistern projects in Rwanda in recent years. The cisterns are becoming more crucial, with the increasingly severe drought conditions in Rwanda.