Volunteers arrive in Rwanda, work is well underway

Our volunteers have arrived in Rwanda.  Already they are hard at work.  Here is our first update from volunteer Lynn MacDonald:

Today Carolyn and I met with Sr Augusta and Sr Thierry regarding our sponsorship of 8 students at College Immaculee Conception at Save.
It costs 176,000 Rwandan francs per semester per student. There are 3 semesters to complete a year. So it’s the equivalent of $630 US for a student to attend secondary school here in Rwanda. Those funds include room, board, school fees, books, basically all that is needed to attend. Families are assessed by the school to determine the amount each family can afford, the remainder is supplemented by the Benebikira Sisters. No student is turned away from school by a lack of ability to pay. So our financial assistance is so very important. Currently 5 out of 8 of the students sponsored by APIC are girls, ranging in age from 13-22. When asked how it is possible for a 22 year old to be still in secondary school, it is sometimes necessary for children to start school late, or drop out for many reasons.
Our ongoing support is critical, every year the Benebikira Sisters hope for this support. A special thank you to Sr Lillian Gaudet and her music students at Bethany for their fundraising efforts. Much appreciated.